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Drama, Sports
Ryan Scharoun as Rob Casey; Bond as Scooter; Ashley Anderson McCarthy as Daisy; Steven Curtis Chapman as Pastor
Thomas Weber
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April 9, 2013
Bob Waliszewski
Ring the Bell

Ring the Bell


Rob Decker is a man on a mission. He's a quick-talking, fast-moving, always-smiling sports agent who knows his business. And he intends to pull out all the stops to sign a phenom of a high school ballplayer named Shawn Hart. This poor small-town kid thinks he wants to go play baseball for some college. But Rob is sure he'll be singing a different tune once he's offered fame and fortune in the big leagues.

When Rob lands in the little burg of Middletown, though, things don't go quite as planned. These local yokels seem to value things like happiness and faith above dollars and cents. And the quicker Rob talks, the more ground he seems to lose in the eyes of this kid and the people who care most about him. Well, if these guys want to play hardball, then Rob will roll up his sleeves and give it his all. We'll see whose mind gets changed. We'll see whose life takes a new direction. Yep, we sure will.

At first glance, this small, intimate pic seems focused on baseball, apple pie and a town full of quirky characters. But this is actually a story of love, forgiveness and grace. A movie that asks viewers to think about how they can best use their time and talents in this hurry-up world. And what place God has in the mix.