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MPAA Rating
Drama, Action/Adventure, Kids
Matthew Lillard as Jack; Bindi Irwin as Nim; Toby Wallace as Edmund; Nathan Derrick as Felix; John Waters as Poacher
Brendan Maher
Arc Entertainment
On Video
March 19, 2013
Bob Waliszewski
Return to Nim's Island

Return to Nim's Island


Fourteen-year-old Nim lives on a remote South Pacific isle with her marine biologist dad. It's a pretty idyllic life, romping with her sea lion, iguana and parrot pals. Of course, friends her own age are pretty scarce … well, actually she has no human friends her own age. But that quickly changes when a boy named Edmund runs away from his mainland home and finds his way to the little island paradise.

Her dad is off in Brisbane trying to save the island from a group of resort developers, so it's up to Nim to deal with this teen invader. Unfortunately, when Edmund maneuvers his way to Nim's Island he also opens the door for a trio of poachers to start poking around. And they like all the rare species of animals they see. Can Dad keep resort builders from flooding in? Can Nim and Edmund save the island's friendly critters? For that matter, can they save themselves from those dastardly poachers? Only 90 minutes of video will tell.

This cute sequel may not have quite as much charm and polish as the original, but it's filled with action, lovable animals and just a dash of innocent, young romance. There's a little light name-calling and a few tense moments when the baddies wave their knives around.