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Jon Gries as Dick Wallrath; Elaine Hendrix as Patsy; Val Kilmer as The Bearded Man; D.B. Sweeney as Michael; Donny Boaz as Danny
Christopher Cain (September Dawn, The Next Karate Kid, Young Guns)
Arc Entertainment
In Theaters
February 17, 2012
On Video
May 7, 2013
Bob Waliszewski
Deep in the Heart

Deep in the Heart


Deep in the Heart is the true-life story of Richard Wallrath. Who is Richard Wallrath? Well he's a Texas man who lived the early part of his life as a foul drunk, a louse who messed up nearly everything he touched. He'd regularly abuse his wife and children, and drink himself into a stupor. Fortunately for Richard, that's not where his story ends. After driving nearly everyone in his life away and ending up jobless, broke and alone, Richard gets a second chance.

That's where this movie focuses most of its attention. How does a man who's lost everything find the faith to move on, it asks. Where does he gain a sense of personal forgiveness? How can he possibly attempt to heal the relationships he's destroyed or reach a point where he can help others in need? How can a man like that ever set things right?

This is a film of faith, forgiveness and renewal. But it doesn't take a typical church-pew-and-redemption approach. This is the story of a man who has his one-on-one conversations with God while sitting on a bar stool and pushing away a drink. It packs a feeling of realism and grit. However, that realistic grit also stirs lots of drunkenness, philandering and some foul language into the movie mix.