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Drama, Kids
Richard Gere as Parker Wilson; Sarah Roemer as Andy Wilson; Joan Allen as Cate Wilson; Erick Avari as Jess; Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as Ken; Jason Alexander as Carl
Lasse Hallström (Dear John, The Hoax, Casanova, An Unfinished Life, Chocolat, The Cider House Rules)
Sony Pictures
On Video
March 9, 2010
Bob Waliszewski
Hachi: A Dog's Tale

Hachi: A Dog's Tale


Hachi: A Dog's Tale begins when professor Parker Wilson discovers a cute puppy stranded at the local train station. The kindly college prof can't bear to leave the pup in the wintry elements, so he takes him home for the night. But one night becomes two and soon Hachi is a permanent part of the family. In fact, with time the happy canine learns to accompany his master to the train station in the morning and greet him there every evening.

One sad day, however, the professor falls deathly ill at the college and never returns to the station. But even after Hachi is taken many miles away to live with the teacher's daughter, the dog somehow finds his way back to the station to wait. Year after year the faithful animal continues to hold his vigil. And the railway station's vendors and commuters come to love the dog who's unyielding devotion teaches them the true meaning of loyalty.

Featuring Richard Gere and Joan Allen, this is a simple but involving adaptation of a true story. It's a tender tale that offers lessons of friendship, commitment and love. And it's a family film that actually says positive things about marriage and family—while keeping things tail-waggingly clean.