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MPAA Rating
Drama, Sports
Scotty Curlee as Chris; Michael Cuddire as Jake; Kera O'Bryon as Sara; Ransford Doherty as Xaviar; Declan McGovern as Dek; Sophia Watson as Hana; Jordan Whiley as Matt; Jeremiah Bishop as Himself
Scotty Curlee
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January 15, 2013
Bob Waliszewski
The Potential Inside

The Potential Inside


Chris Carmik is a pro mountain bike racer with a problem: He spends so much time doing everything necessary to become a champion that there's little left over to spend on his wife and child. But then time runs out in the form of a tragic auto accident. The loss of his young daughter sends Chris spiraling from bad to worse. He's emotionally distraught, his marriage struggles, his faith wanes. And even his once strong body is now too banged up to be of much use.

In the midst of this grief and turmoil, Chris is given an opportunity to train a mountain bike prodigy named Jake. It's an opportunity that Chris has no desire to take. But he drags himself out to meet with the cyclist anyway and reluctantly agrees to work with him. Little does he realize that as he teaches Jake important lessons and molds him into a top contender, God will use Jake to mold Chris into a better man.

"Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?" is a fundamental question of this faith-centered sports film. And it uses well-staged bike racing and a compelling storyline of loss and renewal to draw us into its answers. This marriage- and faith-affirming tale invites young and old to come along for its cinematic ride.