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John Wu as Nick; Jason Pead as Dylan; Deanna Sarkar as Malea; Paul Eenhoorn as Hugh; Bruce Weech as Officer Jakes; Sharron Bonea as Immaculate Mary
Adam Lubanski
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October 16, 2012
Bob Waliszewski
Rogue Saints

Rogue Saints


In the faith-based movie Rogue Saints, Nick and Dylan are just boys when they overhear what they call the "Old Lady Wright legend." As the story goes, wealthy Mrs. Wright had one of the world's largest diamonds encased in the concrete support system that holds up the baptistery at her church. Apparently, she had this idea that Jesus would like to have it when He returns.

Fast-forward to today. Nick and Dylan are all grown up. Neither of them has forgotten the story they heard as boys. What's more, both are facing their own unique set of financial difficulties. So they decide to go after the diamond. But doing so won't be easy. That's because they'll have to blend in with the congregation at Wright's church. And that will take some good acting. You see, neither Nick nor Dylan is a Christian. But they believe that by using the proper Christianese, attending services and volunteering, they might just fool everyone and pull off this major heist.

That's part one.

Rogue Saints creatively underscores how the church can actually become like family and can be the go-to place for seekers looking for meaning in life. What's more, by watching Dylan and Nick try to fake being Christians, it becomes very obvious—even humorous—that believers can come across a bit strange at times. On the downside? Just a weird conversation about a sidetracked Easter pageant.