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MPAA Rating
Album peaked at number 9
Bob Waliszewski
Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi


Pro-Social Content

Jon Bon Jovi relishes a simple stroll down the street with his 7-year-old daughter on "I Got the Girl." He sings his woman’s praises ("She’s a Mystery," "Thank You for Loving Me") and vows to stand beside her for the "Next 100 Years." The reflective "Just Older" finds this 38-year-old rocker content in his latest station of life. He tells fans to live with gusto and be more than just a face in the crowd ("It’s My Life"). Handed life’s lemons, a jilted man decides to make lemonade on "Two Story Town," a song about fresh starts. The unconditional support of a partner causes the singer to believe he could "Save the World."

Objectionable Content

Simmering sexuality, margaritas, gambling and a voodoo vibe add up to "One Wild Night." "Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen from Mars" speaks of a showman who wears women’s makeup and enjoys "getting high on lust and cigarettes." "Mystery Train" praises a woman

Summary Advisory

Most teens will recognize Bon Jovi more for his acting in films such as U-571 than for his mid-’80s arena-rock antics—a good thing. While far from perfect, Crush shows a lot of maturity and deep devotion to family.