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MPAA Rating
Peaked at No. 3 and has sold more than 1 million copies. The single “Incomplete” has sold 500,000 copies.
Record Label
Jamie Maxfield and Bob Smithouser
Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys

Never Gone

Pro-Social Content

A lovestruck man cherishes his wife, calling her his “Safest Place to Hide.” Though separated by miles, a couple shares a tight bond on “Never Gone.” Guys swallow their pride in the interest of romantic reconciliation (“Crawling Back to You”) and boldly pursue a relationship, unsure of a woman’s feelings (“Lose It All”). A line on “Weird World” preaches perseverance. Infidelity carries a steep price on “Siberia,” however ...

Objectionable Content

While unclear whether the love on the rocks was a marriage, it involved sex. The singer esteems a wild “Poster Girl” who parties, shoplifts, smokes and has casual sex like there’s no tomorrow, concluding that life is short and “the consequences of your actions really are just a game.” The Boys’ interest in a girl is more a case of lust than love on “My Beautiful Woman.” Liner notes show the band drinking and playing poker.

Summary Advisory

Most of this disc, including the hit “Incomplete,” finds shattered males mourning broken relationships, desperate to recapture a spark. Meanwhile, this ’90s boy band wants to recapture the love it received when bubble gum pop was king. Despite moments of uplift on Never Gone, a few irresponsible tracks pop the bubble.