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MPAA Rating
Rock, Alternative, Punk
A Top-20 disc by a group of Christians who have resisted being labeled a "Christian" band
Record Label
Adam R. Holz and Bob Smithouser



Pro-Social Content

Lead singer Hayley Williams asks an unnamed other (God?) for protection, life, truth and restored innocence ("We Are Broken"). The optimistic "Hallelujah" requests patience, believing "everything's gonna fall right into place." A woman tells her flighty man that she'll strive to make things work when he stops running from his problems ("When It Rains"). Vague faith references are embedded in "Let the Flames Begin." "Fences" seems to be telling celebrities weary of life in the spotlight that they need to erect boundaries to protect their souls. Cloudy context doesn't diminish Williams' desire to witness a "Miracle" ("I won't let you give up on a miracle when it might save you"). That track also finds her refusing to run from things that are uncomfortable. On the popular "Misery Business" a woman won't compromise sexually to win a man. However ...

Objectionable Content

She lands the guy after he's cut loose by a female she calls "a whore, you're nothing more ... that'll never change." In gloating over her victory, she uses God's name several times in an exclamatory manner.

Summary Advisory

With a similar vocal style to Avril Lavigne, Williams upstages wailing guitars to deliver palatable angst, plus a few references to faith and hope. Sadly, the clearest mention of God on this sometimes spiritual disc is a misuse of His name. Use the "skip" button on track four.