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MPAA Rating
Rock, Pop
Album peaked at No. 3. The title cut was a Top-10 single.
Record Label
Adam R. Holz and Bob Smithouser
Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson


Pro-Social Content

Clarkson holds out for a man who’ll love her sacrificially (“Walk Away”), and thanks someone—possibly God—for sticking with her through hard times (“You Found Me”). Avril Lavigne co-wrote “Breakaway,” which finds a dreamer promising not to forget her roots or loved ones as she prepares to “take a risk, take a chance, make a change” and leave her mark on the world.

Objectionable Content

More than a half-dozen songs dwell on the emotional fallout and angry recriminations of failed romance. “Gone” and “Because of You” leave the singer with trust issues. There’s agony and hatred “Behind These Hazel Eyes.” Clarkson turns that bitterness on herself with the despairing “I Hate Myself for Losing You” (“Now dying doesn’t seem so cruel ... not sure that I’ll pull through”). “Addicted” complains, “It’s like you’re a drug ... a leach sucking the life from me.” But instead of going cold turkey, she says of this leach, “I need a fix ... just one more hit.” The expressions “d--n” and “for god’s sake” are disappointing.

Summary Advisory

Bitten by the angst bug, Clarkson has moved away from the misty optimism of her debut, Thankful. Bright spots are few. These lyrics aren’t exactly offensive, but they may compound emotional strife in moodier teens.