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MPAA Rating
This No. 1 album by Chris Bridges (aka Ludacris) contains the smash hit "Money Maker."
Record Label
Def Jam
Adam R. Holz and Bob Smithouser


Release Therapy

Pro-Social Content

The gospel cut "Freedom to Preach" opens with a prayer and ends with a bold sermon by Bishop Eddie Long challenging listeners to heed God's Word. "Tell It Like It Is" criticizes rappers who lose control or think they are above the law. It's God good, devil bad on "War With God," while "Do Your Time" says, "I'll definitely die for Jesus cuz He died for me." The compassionate "Runaway" tells of three girls who fled difficult, abusive situations.

Objectionable Content

F-words show up on more than half of the disc's 14 tracks. Other profanities include s--- and g--d--n. Permissive attitudes toward sex (and graphic language describing it) drive "Money Maker," "Ultimate Satisfaction," "Woozy," "Grew Up a Screw Up" and "Girls Gone Wild." Guest rappers are the biggest advocates of thug violence, most notably on "Ultimate Satisfaction" and "Mouths to Feed." "Slap" states, "I hate my 9 to 5 and I'm thinkin' 'bout killin' my boss today." Despite being hard on addicts, Ludacris glamorizes drugs and alcohol in the form of rum, tequila, speed and weed. Selling cocaine ("Ultimate Satisfaction") and using booze to take advantage of women ("Girls Gone Wild") are also deemed OK.

Summary Advisory

Graphic sex, profanity, drugs, booze and guys toting glocks. How does that land on the same CD as positive spiritual content? "Freedom to Preach" may be the best rap track ever, but it can't save Release Therapy.