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MPAA Rating
Pop, R&B
Disc debuted at No. 1 and spawned the Top 20 single "Feedback"
Record Label
Paul Asay
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson


Pro-Social Content

Jackson tells a partner, "If something's broke, let me go fix it/And if something's lost, let me go and get it" ("Never Letchu Go").

Objectionable Content

A spoken track called "The Meaning" employs sultry tones and S&M imagery to define discipline. On its heels, the creepy, fetishistic title song finds her asking a lover whom she calls "Daddy" to strip her bare, blindfold her and make her cry. That song ends with sexualized whimpering. She poses in skimpy leather for the cover (censored here) and in liner photos. In one of them, she brandishes a riding crop. "Feedback" invites a man to play her body like an instrument ("It's on display/Don't be scared to touch it/It's hands on, so come and get it, babe"). Other erotic propositions appear on "2Nite" and "Rock With U." "Rollercoaster" uses drug metaphors. On "The 1" guest rapper Missy Elliott inquires about a man's penis size and suggests a threesome. Discipline wraps with "Curtains," a private, intimate show for a special fan ("Tonight is so exclusive we should make it pay-per-view/... You'll be screamin' encore when I'm through").

Summary Advisory

This dance album is as soulless as the robot Jackson talks to between tracks. The artist's lascivious lyrics are on autopilot, giving young fans a hollow tease while getting no closer to the true intimacy and human affection she seems to crave.