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MPAA Rating
No. 1 pop and country disc contains the hit "Last Dollar (Fly Away)"
Record Label
Bob Waliszewski and Bob Smithouser
Tim McGraw

Tim McGraw

Let It Go

Pro-Social Content

On "Comin' Home" a guy compares his improving attitude about relationships to the emergence of spring ("Say goodbye to Old Man Winter ... I'm coming out of hiding/Gonna get it right this time"). Divine forgiveness for a mistake-filled past enables a burdened man to "Let It Go." "Nothin' to Die For" warns against drinking and driving, reminding risk-takers, "You sure do act like you don't got a thing to lose/But every car you pass might be the ones you take with you." The singer regrets that his night shift position keeps him from loved ones ("I'm Workin"), but ...

Objectionable Content

... A pair of "d--n"s spoil that cut. Alcohol drowns sorrows on "Kristofferson" and "Whiskey and You." Drug similes mar "I Need You" ("like a needle needs a vein") and exacerbate a needy man's appeal for casual sex on "Put Your Lovin' on Me" ("Be my drug/Get me high on your touch for the night"). "Shotgun Rider" approves of picking up women at bars. On "Between the River and Me" a man uses a profanity as he proudly recounts drowning his abusive stepfather and getting away with it. "I Need You" and "Train #10" express an affection for cigarettes.

Summary Advisory

Murder, whiskey, cigs and sex. It's a concoction teens could do without. Despite a few positive cuts, the Louisiana native fails to keep it clean on his latest chart-topping release.