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Music Reviews

MPAA Rating
Number-1 R&B disc peaked at 2 on the pop chart
Record Label
Def Jam
Loren Eaton and Bob Smithouser
Kanye West

Kanye West

The College Dropout

Pro-Social Content

The artist credits God with helping him survive a serious car crash (“Through the Wire”). He expresses a love and need for Christ on “Jesus Walks.” Lines take issue with absentee fathers (“We Don’t Care”), materialism (“All Falls Down”) and the racism that sparked the civil rights movement (“Never Let Me Down”).

Objectionable Content

Obscene language includes numerous f-words. Drug dealing and tax fraud are acceptable ways for the urban poor to earn cash on “We Don’t Care.” Angry threats against authority figures include, “‘F--- the police,’ that’s how I treat ’em” (“All Falls Down”) and “If my manager insults me again/I will be assaulting him”(“Spaceship”). The latter also endorses employee theft. “Get ’Em High” is an ode to marijuana that includes crude sexual slang and considers dropping out of college a bold, positive step. West’s disdain for education pops up again on “School Spirit” and three skits. Hennessy, blunts and oral sex from anonymous women is “The New Workout Plan.” As if sex, drugs and alcohol alone aren’t salacious enough, “Breathe In Breathe Out” adds guns and a girl eager to videotape her illicit encounter with the artist. “Last Call” emphasizes booze and bragging.

Summary Advisory

With help from Jay-Z, Twista, Jamie Foxx, The Harlem Boys Choir and others, Kanye West does his best to discredit education while exalting illegal, immoral behavior. Despite moments of social and spiritual conscience, The College Dropout should be expelled.