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MPAA Rating
Pop, R&B
Disc debuted at number 2
Record Label
Bob Smithouser
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

Damita Jo

Pro-Social Content

Diverse people share a need for affection (“Looking for Love”). “Truly” is a love song, as is “My Baby” until ...

Objectionable Content

It ends with guest Kanye West talking of sleeping with porn stars and other men’s wives. Immodest CD photos are a visual indication of Jackson’s lyrical agenda. She’s insatiable, telling partners, “Just have your way with me/My body is cryin” (“I Want You”), “After the foreplay/Go room to room making sweet love”(“Spending Time With You”), “Let’s indulge in things that set our bodies free”(“Island Life”) and “Can’t control the heat when our bodies meet”(“Slo Love”). The erotica gets far more descriptive on “Moist,” “All Nite (Don’t Stop)” and “Warmth.” A stripper puts on a sensual display to make a man lose control (“Strawberry Bounce”). That song repeats the obscenity “muthaf---a.” Jackson plays the misunderstood diva, both sweet and salaciously saucy, on “Damita Jo.” The English language gets sexploited on the vivid “Sexhibition” (“I wanna sexplore you ... feel your sexplosion ... no need for a sexplanation”). “Just a Little While” involves masturbation. Elsewhere, Jackson buys into astrology and karma.

Summary Advisory

Wardrobe malfunction? Nice try. Janet knew where this stickered album was headed and used the Super Bowl halftime show to advertise it. Bouncy rhythms, playful vocals and slick production values will draw countless teens into her tacky web of nymphomania.