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MPAA Rating
Rock, Pop, Alternative, Punk
Top-20 debut
Record Label
Bob Waliszewski
Smash Mouth

Smash Mouth

Get the Picture?

Pro-Social Content

As a balm for a troubled world, the band recommends healthy relationships and having “Fun.” “Looking for a Wall” concludes that peace, simplicity and lasting love are preferable to the night life with its empty partying. A man wanting to win back a romantic partner realizes, “I ought to better my best behavior” (“New Planet”). On “Space Man,” the singer scolds a friend for making choices that alienate him from others (“There you go, just like all the other times before ... Communication’s lost between the ones who love you”). Most teens will relate to a man whose lifetime of social insecurities include an awkward “Seventh Grade Dance.” Other songs express devotion to a special lady (“Whole Lotta Love”), and urge listeners grappling with adversity to “catch the tiger by its tail” and “keep lookin’ up”(“Hang On”). On the reggae-infused “You Are My Number One,” a realist contemplates his short time on earth, telling his woman how much he cherishes their limited time together.

Objectionable Content

A mild profanity mars “105,” a cut which also boasts of the ability to talk trash (“I’ve got a chain saw for a mouth to cut you down to size”) and endorses HBO’s violent mob drama The Sopranos.

Summary Advisory

This disc contains a very positive outlook on life. Smash Mouth’s fun, eclectic rock preaches perseverance and personal responsibility. If young fans hit the skip button on “105,” Picture is worth getting.