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MPAA Rating
Album peaked at 2 on the pop and R&B charts. “Right Thurr” was a Top-3 pop hit.
Record Label
Bob Waliszewski

Pro-Social Content


Objectionable Content

Like his hip-hop peers, Chingy has an affection for women, but no respect for them. He plays the pimp on “Wurrs My Cash,” a crass, scatological rap. He threatens to slap his “hos,” brags about how he exploits them, and describes perverse sexuality, including a foursome with lesbians. Teens get hammered with more explicit references on “Holidae In, ”which invites them to an orgy where drugs and alcohol reign. It glamorizes marijuana, as do “One Call Away” and “Sample Dat A--.” The latter extols casual sex and fellatio, and alludes to prostitution. “Juice” says, “Use these hos for what they worth and lose these hos.” Other rutting diatribes and illicit encounters occur on “Jackpot the Pimp (Skit),” “Bagg Up,” “Right Thurr” and “Chingy Jackpot.” A pair of tracks speak of carrying guns. Anatomical slang, f-words and other obscenities sting the ear like golf ball-sized hail. Liner notes include a shot of a girl in short shorts.

Summary Advisory

Born Howard Bailey, this Nelly protégé (who, like his mentor, hails from St. Louis) celebrates the club scene with promiscuous abandon. Chingy collects sex partners the way preschoolers collect Happy Meal toys—and casts them aside just as quickly. Self-obsessed smut makes Jackpot a sucker’s game.