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MPAA Rating
Pop, R&B
This number-1 debut boasted a chart-topping title cut.
Bob Waliszewski
Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

All for You

Pro-Social Content

While discussing a failed romance, Jackson states, "Truth will set you free" ("Truth"). "Doesn’t Really Matter" looks past physical appearance, choosing to love the person inside.

Objectionable Content

From pinup pix in the liner notes to orgasmic groaning all through "Would You Mind" (which is basically phone sex set to music), this disc aims to tease. Other erotic fantasies find the singer admiring a man’s "package" and wanting to "ride it" ("All for You"), as well as describing sexual encounters in vivid detail ("Come On Get Up," "Love Scene," "When We Oooo"). She propositions her "China Love" in an attempt to fulfill "the lust within my dreams." "Someone to Call My Lover" reflects a foolish, apparently desperate quest for a bedmate ("Maybe we’ll meet at a bar . . . I gotta get someone to call my lover"). Profanities mar numerous tracks. S- and f-words are common. "Son of a Gun" is a mean-spirited duet with Carly Simon that rails against enemies, calling them things such as "stupid b--ch" and "greedy muthaf---ers."

Summary Advisory

On "Son of a Gun," the 35-year-old Jackson laces into a guy for his "sleazy one-track mind." Who’s she to talk? This disc is consumed with obscene sexuality couched in lively dance grooves and smooth ballads. All for You may not carry a parental advisory label, but it should.