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MPAA Rating
Despite its upbeat teen appeal, this disc never got higher than number 50.
Bob Waliszewski


Teen Spirit

Pro-Social Content

Heavily produced, buoyant love songs bathe in the innocent flush of adolescent attraction ("Around the Corner of Your Eye," "Upside Down," "Sugar Rush," "Don’t Even Know Your Name," "Rockin"). A girl reassures her boyfriend that she’s committed ("Back for More"). Another pledges to write regularly when miles come between them ("Halfway Around the World").

Objectionable Content

A girl’s grades plummet when the urge to daydream about a guy takes priority over schoolwork ("Upside Down"). "Slammin’ Kind of Love" and "All My Love" include lines about pent-up desire that could be construed sexually.

Summary Advisory

Cut from the same Swedish cloth as ’70s hit-makers Abba, the young men and women in A*Teens specialize in carbonated beats, liquid harmonies and sweet lyrics. Call it sonic soda pop. With minor exceptions, this effervescent CD offers families a refreshing alternative to pop groups tempted to wander into more adult territory.