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MPAA Rating
Rock, Pop
Album peaked at 21
Bob Waliszewski
The Corrs

The Corrs

In Blue

Pro-Social Content

Women desire lifelong love on "Hurt Before," "Irresistible" and "All the Love in the World." "At Your Side" pledges romantic commitment through tough times. A heartbroken prostitute desperate to escape her circumstances is poised to meet a caring man able to see beyond her mistakes ("Somebody for Someone").ï Aware of the mortality rate for long-distance show-biz romances, a performer is willing to "Give It All Up" for time together ("I’ve been hearing stories of couples so in love/ But they’ve spent so much time apart that it never seems to work"). "No More Cry" is about one woman sharing another’s pain, wishing she could remove it and restore laughter.

Objectionable Content

The emotional emptiness following a one-night stand is considered a reasonable price to pay for the pleasure ("One Night"). "Rain" features a "fallen angel" anticipating what appears to be a sexual encounter.

Summary Advisory

With the noted exceptions, there’s a lot to like about these four Irish siblings and their bouncy brand of pop/rock. If only they had stuck with sexual standards like "Don’t want you for the weekend/Don’t want you for a day" ("Irresistible") instead of "I give you my heart, my love . . . my body, my soul/Just for one night" ("One Night"). Some families will elect to use the "skip" button on tracks 13 and 14. Others will choose to skip In Blue altogether.