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MPAA Rating
A Top-10 CD.
Bob Waliszewski


Enema of the State

Pro-Social Content

The strangely innocuous "Aliens Exist" and an innocent boat ride with a former girlfriend ("Wendy Clear") are the cream of a ratty crop.

Objectionable Content

On "The Party Song," guys try to get girls drunk and have sex with them (the bored singer decides he'd prefer an evening of porn and phone sex). With adolescent venom, the artist rails against a rival he refers to as "Dysentery Gary," calling him a "f---ing weasel" and his mother a whore. Harsh language (including many f-words) peppers this project. Before "Going Away to College," unmarried lovers appear to say farewell with a night of sex. An unhealthy, selfish approach to romance mars "Dumpweed," "Mutt" and "Don't Leave Me." A suicidal teenager's final thoughts appear on the disturbing "Adam's Song." "Anthem" features secretive sex, stolen liquor and a bestiality remark. A girl removes her boyfriend's clothes on "What's My Age Again" ("We started making out and she took off my pants"), but his preoccupation with TV causes her to leave prior to sex.

Summary Advisory

In the punk tradition, these three San Diego natives machine-gun their lyrics over frantic guitars. Lots of energy. But thematically, they're trapped somewhere between high school and fraternity keg parties--emotionally immature and sexually preoccupied. Frequent obscenities also suggest severely stunted vocabularies. A bad State.