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MPAA Rating
Rock, Alternative
Disc debuted at number 1
Bob Waliszewski
Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette

Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie

Pro-Social Content

Morissette yearns to be understood and embraced ("Can't Not"), and lists regrets after having compromised to earn another's approval ("Your Congratulations"). She grapples with forgiving her mother's past failures on "The Couch, "finally expressing deep love for her. "That I Would Be Good" claims a self-confidence independent of fluctuations in emotional state or physical appearance. Although somewhat crass and hopeless, "Would Not Come" describes the emptiness of carnality.

Objectionable Content

"Thank U" and "Baba" reveal the artist's fascination with Eastern religion, gurus and meditation. She longs to be intimate with a married man on "I Was Hoping. "Romance involves rage, sex, pain, infidelity and abusiveness on "Sympathetic Character" and "Are You Still Mad." Profanity mars two tracks.

Summary Advisory

Morissette's last album, Jagged Little Pill, sold 16 million copies. This project is saturated with vulnerable self-analysis-and some great discussion starters. Sadly, her affinity for New Age theology and sexual indulgences makes it impossible to recommend.