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Growing up in farm country, everyone knows that when something has to be put down, it's usually an animal (a dog, a horse, a cow) with a serious problem. That phrase is a polite euphemism for euthanizing a suffering critter. And in school lunchrooms pretty much everywhere, to put somebody down is almost always a reference to delivering a stinging insult.

Justin Bieber is no longer living in farm country. And he's certainly not still in school. For him, these words mean something quite different. And while it's still a euphemism, it's anything but polite.

"PYD" stands for "Put You Down," and it's all about … sex. And on the 19-year-old's seventh Music Mondays effort (a string of songs Bieber is releasing throughout the fall of 2013 that serve as promotion for his forthcoming concert movie and album Believe 3D), Justin is joined by someone who definitely knows a thing or 62 when it comes to singing about sex: R. Kelly.

Simply put, this track finds Bieber documenting all the different ways he's going to have sex with a girlfriend—in pretty much every location he can imagine.

"From the door to the wall/Coffee table, girl get ready," Justin coos. "I'ma put you down, all the way down/From the stove to the counter top/Dining room table, are you ready?/I'ma put you down/ … On a plane, a train, an automobile, doesn't matter."

All the while, Bieber insists that the sex is simply a token of his great appreciation: "This will show you how much I love you/Ooh, 'cause you deserve the best and nothing but the best/So I give you the best you've ever had/I'ma put you down."

All right, then.

As for Mr. Kelly's contribution, he's left to brainstorm a handful of licentious locations that Justin hasn't already claimed. Those include the roof ("We don't care who sees," he brags), the balcony, the parking lot and the floor. He also tells a woman he'll satisfy her in ways her current partner doesn't ("It seems yo man been treating you like a stepchild") and that she'll soon be addicted to what he has to offer ("See, I wanna give you all my love/Be your dope man in the bedroom/You can make me your drug, babe").

This is undeniably a big step sideways for the Biebster. He's certainly hinted at sensuality and even sexuality in other songs, but never before has he just laid it all out on the table … and the sofa … and the counter top. "PYD" descends into unapologetic and unambiguous sexual indulgence, stepping into the kind of lyrical lewdness that we're more used to hearing from the likes of, well, R. Kelly.

The song's release, sadly, corresponds with increasingly frequent news site and gossip rag chatter and allegations about Bieber's voracious sexual appetite, whether at a brothel in Brazil, a strip club in Texas, a hotel with a porn star taking pictures of him sleeping, or a stripper-filled soiree at his California home. It's gotten so bad and so frequent that Justin is now reportedly asking those partying with him to sign a contract imposing a $3 million penalty should they leak sensitive information or images of their activities.

In other words, what happens to Justin Bieber stays near Justin Bieber. Except, of course, the things that happen in the songs he's now singing—where he's no longer shy about dishing up all sorts of juicy, behind-the-scenes, all-sex-all-the-time details.

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November 18, 2013

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Adam R. Holz

We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

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