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Drama, Romance
Jay Underwood as Dave; Danielle Bisutti as Heather; Anthony Tyler Quinn as Jeff Baker; Aaron Sanders as Ethan Baker; Alexis Boozer as Katie Saunders
Brad J. Silverman
On Video
January 19, 2010
Bob Waliszewski
No Greater Love

No Greater Love


Jeff and Heather have a lot going for them. They've been soul mates since high school and have a newborn son named Ethan. But like many young marrieds, the pair also have some problems. Jeff has a hard time balancing work and family, and Heather struggles with depression. Then, after one terrible shouting match, everything crumbles apart for the couple and Heather unexpectedly disappears.

Fast-forward 10 years and Heather is still out of the picture. Jeff has developed into an attentive, loving, single dad. He's finally started dating again, has a prospering career and he's pretty sure he's ready to make some big changes in his life. But before he's able to pop the question to new girlfriend, Katie, he's shocked to spot Heather in a crowd. She professes to being a Christian now and seeks forgiveness from her former family members. For all the love that Jeff still secretly holds in his heart, though, forgiveness is one thing he's not sure he's able to give.

This emotional tale is both inspiring and encouraging. It's a well-acted piece that looks warmly at marriage and Christian faith. And I really enjoyed it. I should mention, however, that there are some mature themes being discussed here and a little alcohol use.