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His story is hardly over, but the movie Linsanity tells the saga thus far of NBA superstar Jeremy Lin and how he took the basketball world by storm just two short years ago. Jeremy's story is much different than say, those of Kobe, LeBron, Will, Larry, Michael or Shaq. Jeremy's is one of struggle and overcoming stereotypes, one that always seemed just a game away from obscurity. Linsanity shows what Jeremy himself believes was a miraculous happening—how an undrafted basketball player went from being cut by two NBA teams and sitting on the bench of a third, to a player in February 2012 who in his first five NBA starts scored more points than any other player in the modern era and created a legitimate public frenzy.

This inspiring documentary takes viewers back in time to get a bit of perspective. For instance, during his senior year, Jeremy helped his Palo Alto high school team win the state basketball title in stellar fashion. And yet none of the major colleges came a courtin'. It was said Jeremy didn't fit the mold. So he took advantage of his one offer and went to Harvard, not exactly a school known for its hoops success. At Harvard, Jeremy's story should have ended if life had played out in typical fashion. Quite frankly, it almost did. Which may be the whole point of the movie. As Jeremy says repeatedly, "I know God orchestrated this whole thing." It's obvious that Jeremy's faith comes before basketball, and yet helps him find purpose in the sport as well.

Linsanity's tagline reads, "Undrafted, unwanted, unwavering." Those three words sum up the flick well. How many of us face hopes that have been dashed, dreams that have gone by the wayside? All of us. Sometimes we just need to be reminded to persevere through adversity, to keep our faith alive and to look to God to show up miraculously. Linsanity does just that—providing an encouraging and inspiring take on a very relatable part of life.

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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

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