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Bob Hoose

The personal computer is potentially the most expensive gaming console available. Gaming on the PC is a red-hot trend, with Internet gamers numbering in the millions.

Gaming with a personal computer is a different experience than any of the console systems. Your keyboard and mouse are the most common controllers, with key assignments and mouse clicks manipulating onscreen characters. (Though special handheld controllers can be purchased and used with many games.)

Seasoned online gamers often buy computers with lightning-fast processors, super high-tech graphics cards and high-definition monitors, spending thousands of dollars to secure the ultimate gaming experience. Cutting-edge, eye-candy games designed for this kind of gamer are big business, and MMOGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Games) are a never-ending "second life" for many of them.

Parental Controls
Depending on the software programs that you feed your particular PC, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep a handle on where gamers go and what they do. Internet censoring software is available and can regulate which online games are accessed. But the only reliable way to regulate software-based games on a PC is to physically prevent them from being installed in the first place.