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Hitting the Books

Hitting the Books

Is young-adult literature getting darker? And to what end? A dad curious about modern YA fiction delves into several titles popular with teen girls.

Why We Love Superheroes

Why We Love Superheroes

If these comic book champions seem oddly familiar, it may be because we've met them before … in the Bible. Find out why we're naturally inclined to embrace them.


Adolescence Can Be a Funny Thing

The cartoonists behind Zits discuss their popular comic strip, the teen years and what parents can do to help the sometimes bitter pill of adolescence go down a little easier.


God’s Own Words on Discernment

Although the Bible was written centuries before MTV, DVD and PS3, it has a lot to say about guarding our hearts and minds against destructive influences.

Entertainment’s Drug of Choice

Movies, music and video games often make light of marijuana use, which is one of the reasons teenagers think this potential gateway drug is no big deal.

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Seeing Saw

I'd imagine that Halloween used to be Lionsgate's favorite holiday. Instead of handing out free candy, the movie studio would give revelers the gift of Saw—a new movie every year—at, naturally, a steep price. ...


You Said It!

"I was shocked that for the first time in i don't know how long we were able to see a pg-13 movie yesterday. (We don't watch a movie if it takes the Lord's name in vain, has profanity, or any course, crude or sexual content no matter what the mpaa rating is) ...We so appreciate your helpful reviews!" - Wendy N.

"Our family is sooo grateful for the pluggedin movie reviewers!! u never know these days what's in a movie, even kids movies can have not so good content it definitely helps us ,as parents, that you are so thorough in ur reviews!! thank you so much!!!" - Kathryn S.