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The Sleepover Dilemma

The Sleepover Dilemma

Whether parents are hosting a slumber party or granting permission for an overnight at someone else’s house, this primer will give them confidence to ask important questions.

When Other Families Lack Discernment

When Other Families Lack Discernment

Even if you and your children choose media wisely, friends and neighbors may not be as careful. What should we do when the lax standards of others hit home?


A Conversation with Jim Daly

We talk with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly about modern media and ministry, including ways entertainment has impacted his own young family.


Encouraging the Uncool

Based upon his self-deprecating ode to awkwardness "I’m Not Cool," Christian singer/songwriter Scott Krippayne offers hope to parents of disenfranchised adolescents.


A Conversation with Steve Allen

Prior to his passing in 2000, we spoke with this respected TV pioneer about the moral decline of the medium he loved and helped shape during a kinder, gentler era.


The Guitar Hero Craze

Kids don’t need music lessons to rock like a pro, but what are parents supposed to think about popular rhythm video games such as Rock Band and Guitar Hero?

The Inconvenient Truth About Documentaries

By definition, a documentary should be fair, reasonable, dispassionate. Learn how filmmakers’ biases and hidden agendas can twist facts and mislead viewers.

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Movie Monday: Guardians of the Box Office

It's been five weeks since Guardians of the Galaxy was released to the masses, and the thing still is beating down all comers, financially speaking—as if Drax had put his muscle to crunching numbers instead of villainous thugs ...


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