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Little Squeaks Can Mean Big Problems

Little Squeaks Can Mean Big Problems

Just as strange noises under the hood tell us it's time to get the car checked, our kids can produce media-related "squeaks" that demand our attention.

The Sleepover Dilemma

The Sleepover Dilemma

Whether parents are hosting a slumber party or granting permission for an overnight at someone else’s house, this primer will give them confidence to ask important questions.


Krystal Meyers: Rebel With a Cause

We talk with the Christian singer about her bold lyrics and angsty pop-rock style, as well as how parents and teens can improve communication.


AXE, TAG Pander to Rutting Instincts

Sexy advertising images are nothing new. But provocative campaigns for body spray are playing dirty by objectifying women and cheapening God’s gift of sexuality.


God’s Own Words on Discernment

Although the Bible was written centuries before MTV, DVD and PS3, it has a lot to say about guarding our hearts and minds against destructive influences.


20 Great Country Songs for Your Pro-Family Playlist

In this era of digital downloads, country music fans can feast their ears on a hearty helping of home-grown values served à la carte.

Falling Stars

It’s the rare tween icon who doesn’t do something shocking in order to shed the "child star" label. So what can parents do when their children’s favorite role model stumbles?

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Pushing Past the Culture Clash

You never know where Plugged In might show up. We're on your computer. We're on your phone. And if you don't understand a word I'm saying right now because you only speak Arabic, we've got that covered now too ...


You Said It!

"I was shocked that for the first time in i don't know how long we were able to see a pg-13 movie yesterday. (We don't watch a movie if it takes the Lord's name in vain, has profanity, or any course, crude or sexual content no matter what the mpaa rating is) ...We so appreciate your helpful reviews!" - Wendy N.

"Our family is sooo grateful for the pluggedin movie reviewers!! u never know these days what's in a movie, even kids movies can have not so good content it definitely helps us ,as parents, that you are so thorough in ur reviews!! thank you so much!!!" - Kathryn S.