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A Conversation with Jim Daly

A Conversation with Jim Daly

We talk with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly about modern media and ministry, including ways entertainment has impacted his own young family.

When Is “Out of Bounds” Really Out of Bounds?

When Is “Out of Bounds” Really Out of Bounds?

A glimpse at a children's soccer game offers valuable insight into a child's need for clearly defined boundaries … and a parent's need to enforce them.


From Fantastic to Amazing

We talk with actor Ioan Gruffudd about his teen years, the power of cinema and his heroic roles in The Fantastic Four and the William Wilberforce biopic Amazing Grace.


Which Role Will You Be Remembered For?

You play multiple parts every day. But if you had to choose one role to define you, which would it be … and how can you ensure that others will remember you that way?


When Tolerance Turns to Compromise

The ability to lovingly disagree with others is vital, though teens eager to defend inappropriate entertainment (and those who create it) can turn the virtue of 'tolerance' into a liability.


Why Television Will Never Be the Same

Heralded as a socially responsible development sure to assist and inform families, the V-Chip was high-tech Trojan Horse destined to coarsen TV. Here’s why…

Breaking the Debt Cycle

In a scary economy, financial expert Dave Ramsey explains how we can learn from the recession and help teens slay monstrous cultural habits.

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Watching TV for a Living

I really didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was probably too busy playing basketball at school and working at home to help our family make ends meet on our small country mini-farm to spend much time grappling with ...


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"There was a time in high school that I dreamed of writing movie reviews ... I'm grateful God has led me elsewhere. Thanks for writing the way you do about the stuff you see!"
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