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A Family Covenant for God-Honoring Media Choices

A Family Covenant for God-Honoring Media Choices

The strongest promises get put in writing. Help your family commit to a godly entertainment standard with the help of a tool offering built-in accountability.

Who Rates the Movies ... and How?

Who Rates the Movies ... and How?

Much like learning what’s in a hot dog, this brief history of Hollywood’s rating system will inspire parents to think twice before trusting their children to the MPAA.


Six Keys to a Healthy Entertainment Diet

Insights from an Olympic nutritionist can help families bring home the gold as they try to establish reasonable, godly standards for consuming entertainment.


Reality TV’s Dirty Little Secrets

Networks want the audience to think that their unscripted shows are raw, real and unfiltered. Here’s an inside look at how unreal reality TV often is.

Purity: Looking for Moral Loopholes

How does your teen define abstinence? Discover how Christian young people committed to delaying intercourse until marriage are still giving in to sexual pressure.

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Why I Love All Those Sad Kids’ Pics

There’s something special about animated movies made for kids. Hey, I’d go so far as to say they’re very often the best things at the movie house when it comes to elements like imagination, storyline and even ...


You Said It!

"I was shocked that for the first time in i don't know how long we were able to see a pg-13 movie yesterday. (We don't watch a movie if it takes the Lord's name in vain, has profanity, or any course, crude or sexual content no matter what the mpaa rating is) ...We so appreciate your helpful reviews!" - Wendy N.

"Our family is sooo grateful for the pluggedin movie reviewers!! u never know these days what's in a movie, even kids movies can have not so good content it definitely helps us ,as parents, that you are so thorough in ur reviews!! thank you so much!!!" - Kathryn S.