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Is Your Teen Keeping Strange Company?

Is Your Teen Keeping Strange Company?

Young Christians may not realize it, but who they hang out with speaks volumes about their values. That includes the companions they choose in the form of entertainment.

A Conversation with Jim Daly

A Conversation with Jim Daly

We talk with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly about modern media and ministry, including ways entertainment has impacted his own young family.


A Conversation with Lee Strobel

A leading Christian apologist talks about the "militant atheism" infecting our culture, how entertainment is fueling skepticism, and what parents can do about it.


Raising Savvy, Secure Consumers

Dissecting commercials during the Super Bowl is one thing. But doing it with children throughout the year will help them develop lifelong skills for processing sales pitches.


From Korn to Christ

Former Korn guitarist Brian Welch talked with us about his dark, destructive past, his encounter with God, and the little girl who may have saved his life.


Portrait of a Bully

In the age of texting and online social networks, bullies come in all shapes and sizes. We look at the new abusers—and how families can cope with high-tech harassment.

Prescription Drug Abuse

The tragic death of actor Heath Ledger raises critical questions about teens’ (not to mention Hollywood’s) casual attitude toward prescription drug abuse.

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Movie Monday: Lucy

I typically use just 10% of my brain to write Movie Monday blogs. What is the other 90% of my brain up to? Who knows? Maybe it has a second job or something, or it just likes to hum '80s pop tunes to itself while the rest of my ...


You Said It!

"Thank you for what you do!" - Carol T.

"I'm new to your site and already appreciate the research you've all done for families. I also feel the need to apologize for the horrible scenes in movies that you probably wish you can take back but continually choose to protect thousands of young eyes, minds and ears." - Sarah O.