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The Many “Carols” of Charles Dickens

The Many “Carols” of Charles Dickens

No yuletide tale has been remade more often than A Christmas Carol, and it seems every decade or so, Hollywood gives Dickens’ timeless story a unique twist.

Life Lessons From Middle-earth

Life Lessons From Middle-earth

We asked the Lord of the Rings cast, "While working on these films, did you learn a life lesson that would be valuable for teenagers today?" Here's what they said...


When You Can’t Tune It Out, Try Teaching

Somewhere between the pepperoni and mushrooms, one family’s visit to a local pizza parlor turns into an impromptu lesson about lousy lyrics.


Interacting With Hollywood

Thanks to fansites and blogs, buzz-hungry studios can anticipate audience reaction and make changes while a movie is still in production. But should fans be getting the final cut?

Crucifying a Lustful Thought Life

Back on track with a renewed passion for purity, Dove Award-winning artist Clay Crosse explains how sensual entertainment shaped him at a young age.

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Music Magic 2014: Adam Holz's Year-End Picks

I really love music, which is one of the reasons why I'm Plugged In's main music reviewer. But the discouraging reality is that many of the albums and tracks I review each year include problems that span the spectrum from ...


You Said It!

"I was shocked that for the first time in i don't know how long we were able to see a pg-13 movie yesterday. (We don't watch a movie if it takes the Lord's name in vain, has profanity, or any course, crude or sexual content no matter what the mpaa rating is) ...We so appreciate your helpful reviews!" - Wendy N.

"Our family is sooo grateful for the pluggedin movie reviewers!! u never know these days what's in a movie, even kids movies can have not so good content it definitely helps us ,as parents, that you are so thorough in ur reviews!! thank you so much!!!" - Kathryn S.