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When Other Families Lack Discernment

When Other Families Lack Discernment

Even if you and your children choose media wisely, friends and neighbors may not be as careful. What should we do when the lax standards of others hit home?

Is Your Teen Keeping Strange Company?

Is Your Teen Keeping Strange Company?

Young Christians may not realize it, but who they hang out with speaks volumes about their values. That includes the companions they choose in the form of entertainment.


A Chat With Tim Conway

From roles on McHale’s Navy and The Carol Burnett Show to his role with the Parents Television Council, this funnyman has plenty of opinions about TV.


Encouraging the Uncool

Based upon his self-deprecating ode to awkwardness "I’m Not Cool," Christian singer/songwriter Scott Krippayne offers hope to parents of disenfranchised adolescents.


Teen Magazines and the New Feminism

More than just glossy monthlies quick to gush over the latest boy band, mags such as Seventeen and CosmoGirl! promote a form of girl power that's shaping teens' worldviews.


The Family That Plays Together

For generations, board games and puzzles have helped families connect and have fun together. In many homes today, video games are the activity of choice.

When Is “Out of Bounds” Really Out of Bounds?

A glimpse at a children's soccer game offers valuable insight into a child's need for clearly defined boundaries … and a parent's need to enforce them.

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Our Maddeningly Not-So-Magical Pop Culture 'Multiverse'

If you've read any comic books in, oh, the last 30 years or so, you might be familiar with the concept of a multiverse. A multiverse consists of different parallel universes in which there are alternate ...


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"It's hard to pre-screen everything for our kids, and thank you guys for helping me make informed decisions on media. I am sure that as our children get older, we'll be turning to your reviews more and more!" - Audra F.