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Getting Family Discussions Started

Getting Family Discussions Started

A passion for media discernment is great, but how can parents avoid common mistakes and communicate with their children in a way that builds a relationship?

Nurturing Artistic Teens

Nurturing Artistic Teens

Young artists are wired a little differently. Understanding and embracing that uniqueness is crucial if parents hope to raise well-rounded, spiritually grounded kids.


God of the Fairy Tale

Author Jim Ware examines the power of myths, revealing spiritual truths hidden within classic fairy tales that point back to the true story of the Gospel.


Are There Cows in Your Living Room?

Most modern idols aren't fashioned from gold or carved in stone. So what would Moses say about a culture that practically worships entertainment?


Animated Movies Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore

Animated features have become beautiful, mature, almost literary works, which is creating new challenges for parents trying to gauge their age-appropriateness.


ClearPlay Cleans Up Hollywood

Meet Bill Aho, whose multifaceted content-filtering system is giving parents more control than ever over movie content … and giving the film industry fits.

The Blasphemy Challenge

What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit? An apologetics expert weighs in, explaining how atheists are using the Internet to provoke teens into the ultimate act of rebellion.

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Movie Monday: Fury

Like a tank manned by a handful of war-weary Americans, Fury plowed to the top of the box office this week, pounding its way to an estimated $23.5 million weekend and causing all other challengers to flee ...


You Said It!

"I was shocked that for the first time in i don't know how long we were able to see a pg-13 movie yesterday. (We don't watch a movie if it takes the Lord's name in vain, has profanity, or any course, crude or sexual content no matter what the mpaa rating is) ...We so appreciate your helpful reviews!" - Wendy N.

"Our family is sooo grateful for the pluggedin movie reviewers!! u never know these days what's in a movie, even kids movies can have not so good content it definitely helps us ,as parents, that you are so thorough in ur reviews!! thank you so much!!!" - Kathryn S.