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When Tolerance Turns to Compromise

When Tolerance Turns to Compromise

The ability to lovingly disagree with others is vital, though teens eager to defend inappropriate entertainment (and those who create it) can turn the virtue of 'tolerance' into a liability.

Take Me Out to the Movies

Take Me Out to the Movies

See which diamond gems one Plugged In editor recommends to people who can't decide which smells better, movie theater popcorn or a freshly oiled fielder's glove.


World of Warcraft: One Family’s Battle

A concerned mother recalls how her son’s video game habits paved the way for a life-altering addiction to the multiplayer online challenge World of Warcraft.


Based on a True Story?

It's not uncommon for Hollywood biopics to rewrite history. Learn about several blockbusters that have drawn fire for playing a little too fast and loose with the facts.


Which Nature Are You Feeding?

A tale of two baby iguanas offers valuable insight into the way human beings are wired, and how our entertainment diet can shape us for better or worse.


Online Piracy

With digital music easy to pilfer and consequences rare, adolescents have little incentive to pay for what they can get free. But "Thou shalt not steal" applies to downloading, too.

A Chat with Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley

This singer/songwriter with hard-rocking band Flyleaf shares stories of her tumultuous teen years, and explains her outreach to unsaved musical peers and young fans on the edge.


The City of David, Now in 3-D

As a person who's seen approximately 500 films since January 2011, going to a movie on my days off is not high on my priority list. Even when I do make an exception, it's incredibly rare that I do so on Sundays. ...


You Said It!

"My family appreciates all the Plugged In reviewers and the hard work you put in to help us make informed decisions for our family. I am constantly telling friends and family about you. Thank you!" - April C.