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November 17, 2014

It's remarkable when selling close to 4 million units of some sort of entertainment franchise during its first week of release isn't all that remarkable. Just recently Taylor Swift sold 1.3 million units of her album 1989 in that time span, prompting cries of exultation from the music world. But Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare came out of the gate last week selling 3.7 million units (for all the major consoles) and it's considered just normal. (Last year's Call of Duty installment, Ghosts, sold 3.4 million its first week, then added another 0.7 million in "secondary first-week" sales when it arrived on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One two weeks later.) Advanced Warfare has also broken an online streaming record for gaming site Twitch, with 75,000 unique Twitch users playing the game online while being viewed 26 million times by nearly 6 million fans.

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