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This book has been reviewed by Focus on the Family’s marriage and parenting magazine. It is the second boon in the "On the Runway" series.

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Plot Summary

Erin and Paige Forrester have found their niche in the fashion industry. Paige, the elder and more model-esque of the two sisters, is the host of a local TV show called "On the Runway." Erin, the younger and less self-focused sister, is usually found behind one of the show's cameras. Erin is a Christian and attends the same Bible study as her boyfriend, Blake, and best friend, Mollie. Their Los Angeles-based show is gaining in popularity, and this year they will record several of their shows from Fashion Week in New York City. They've landed interviews not only with several top designers in Los Angeles, including Granada Ruez from the company Granada Green Wear and a talented cultural designer George Mabin, but also several big names, including Marc Jacobs and Dylan Marceau.

When airport security confronts Paige, a prima donna, about trying to bring a bottle of perfume through a security checkpoint, she sprays it on herself, the security agent and others within range to get the expensive liquid down to three ounces. She is led away by two security guards. Erin, who tries to get the guards to react less violently, is handcuffed and also led away.

After Erin and Paige are released, they take a later flight and don't check into their motel until just hours before sunrise. Because they have an early morning interview with "Good Morning America," Paige's boss, Fran, sends them her own prescription sleeping pills. Paige takes two. She sleeps too well and is almost incoherent the next morning. Erin ends up answering most of the show's questions.

During the rest of the week, the girls are whisked from one fashion interview to another, from one runway show to the next and to some of the parties. The trip is capped off with a 24/7 reality-type taping of the girls staying the night with several top models in a New York City apartment. The story ends with Dylan Marceau inviting Paige and Erin to attend one of his runway shows in Paris.

Christian Beliefs

Erin is a Christian, even though the rest of her family, Paige included, are not. She talks about her prayer life and enjoys going to church. She misses it when she isn't able to attend. Blake, Erin's boyfriend, is a Christian and attends the same church and Bible study as Erin. A sermon Erin's pastor gives on forgiveness helps Erin realize she needs to forgive several people in her life as well as ask forgiveness. Erin is happy to be able to return to her home church and enjoy the worship service. After a car accident, Blake has the opportunity to share his Christian beliefs with Paige's boyfriend, Benjamin.

Other Belief Systems

The fashion world is filled with humanism and materialism.

Authority Roles

Erin and Paige follow the directions of their boss, Fran, trusting her judgment in business situations. Paige disregards the orders of an airport agent and suffers for it. Erin, though skeptical about her mom's quick engagement, respects her mom's decision.


Paige is violently tackled by two airport agents and is physically injured, resulting in a bruise to her face and a sore arm. Agents also use excessive force when cuffing Erin's wrists. Paige's boyfriend, Benjamin, is involved in a serious car crash. His passenger is killed in the crash, and Benjamin is left with a concussion, a bruised and cut face and a broken arm.


Several descriptions of dresses worn by the models on the runway include how tight they fit. Blake and Erin plan a Valentine's Day date, and Blake gives Erin a hug and a peck on the cheek. Erin's mom (a recent widow) becomes engaged to her boyfriend. Her best friend, Mollie, tells Erin that she is pregnant. Her boyfriend, Tony, is the father.

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We hope this review was both interesting and useful. Please share it with family and friends who would benefit from it as well.

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