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A Legend in His Time


Grammy-winning country singer Ronnie Milsap celebrates the release of his first gospel album by discussing his lifelong passions for God, family and music.

Adolescence Can Be a Funny Thing

Conversations, Youth Trends & Issues, Counsel & Commentary

The cartoonists behind Zits discuss their popular comic strip, the teen years and what parents can do to help the sometimes bitter pill of adolescence go down a little easier.

An Insider's View of Hollywood Bias


A gifted filmmaker takes us behind closed doors, describing a crazy day he experienced shortly before leaving Tinseltown to produce videos for Focus on the Family.

At the Heart of Hammer


In 1994, the founder of Focus on the Family's media-discernment ministry talked with a pop culture icon undergoing an image change.

At the Heart of U2


Even fans of Bono's poetry and social awareness have scratched their heads now and then. What really drives this band? Find out from the man who wrote the book on U2.

Blindsided by Leigh Anne Tuohy


Hollywood told her family's adoption story in the biggest sports movie of all time. Now this fiery Christian lady is using reality TV to ensure happy endings for other children.

Breaking the Debt Cycle

Counsel & Commentary, Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations

In a scary economy, financial expert Dave Ramsey explains how we can learn from the recession and help teens slay monstrous cultural habits.

A Candid Conversation With Phil Vischer

Conversations, Youth Trends & Issues, Modern Technology

The VeggieTales creator explains how rapid growth and ambition cost him his company, humbled him before God and inspired a big idea for online children’s programming.

Chairman of the Board


Christian Hosoi skated hard, lived hard and fell hard. Now, after doing time and overcoming drug addiction, he craves the adrenaline rush of living for Jesus.

Chasing Fireflies: A Chat With Owl City


Taking his place as electronic pop's brightest young star, Adam Young is a committed Christian eager to create music parents can feel good about.

A Chat with Actor Dave Madden


Best known for playing Reuben Kincaid on The Partridge Family, Dave talks about his years on that classic TV series and the award-winning radio drama Adventures in Odyssey.

A Chat with Ben Stein

Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

We talk with the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off actor about his clever documentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, which puts Darwin on trial and argues for intelligent design.

A Chat with Bethany Dillon


The Christian singer talks about celebrity, her family and what it was like as a teen to have her music connected with popular films.

A Chat with Country Singer Collin Raye


This principled country singer talks about the power of music and why he recorded a song about our culture's objectification of young women.

A Chat with Disney Veteran Don Hahn


We caught up with the Oscar-nominated filmmaker to ask why healthy, two-parent families have been the exception rather than the rule at Disney.

A Chat With Douglas Gresham


C.S. Lewis’ stepson talks about Disney’s adaptation of Prince Caspian, meeting the Chronicles of Narnia author, and helping children grasp the "magic of God."

A Chat with Filmmaker Karey Kirkpatrick


The gifted screenwriter and director of Over the Hedge talks about his world-wise animated hit, as well as what separates DreamWorks from Disney.

A Chat With Fisher DeBerry

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

What does it take to impact young people? A life well lived, as proven by former Air Force football coach Fisher DeBerry, who talked about the need for positive role models.

A Chat with Flyleaf’s Lacey Mosley


This singer/songwriter with hard-rocking band Flyleaf shares stories of her tumultuous teen years, and explains her outreach to unsaved musical peers and young fans on the edge.

A Chat With James Mead of Kutless


This member of the Christian rock band Kutless describes some of the challenges facing teens and why Christian artists must rise above labels.

A Chat with Jerry Bruckheimer


Best known for lighting the fuse on big-screen actioners, the producer discusses the power of film, high-octane sequels and his racially charged sports drama, Glory Road.

A Chat with NFL Analyst James Brown


Super Bowl? Super guy. The league's classiest commentator shares his unlikely journey from heavily recruited basketball prospect to Emmy-winning NFL analyst.

A Chat With NFL Punter Hunter Smith

Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations

What’s an NFL kicker to do after winning the Super Bowl? Release a worship CD as half of the duo Connersvine … and keep on ministering to teens.

A Chat With Pillar’s Rob Beckley

Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations

A godly rocker talks about his edgy style, reaching teens in pain, the need for authentic relationships, and what makes Christian music "Christian."

A Chat with Producer Ralph Winter


After 25 years in the industry, this prolific producer and professing Christian talks about one of his most popular series, the X-Men trilogy.

A Chat With Rebecca Hagelin

Media Discernment, Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

A columnist/author’s helpful advice for parents struggling to protect their children against "cultural terrorism" as they set boundaries in an out-of-control, relativistic society.

A Chat with Screenwriter Mike Rich


The scribe behind The Rookie, Secretariat, Finding Forrester and The Nativity Story is a Christian who believes it's still possible to make a positive impression on Hollywood.

A Chat With Steve Carell


This comic actor and star of Dan in Real Life talks about his onscreen family from that film, as well as his own experiences with dating and fatherhood.

A Chat With the Invincible Vince Papale

Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations

What’s it like to have a Disney movie made about your Cinderella-like rise from ordinary football fan to NFL athlete? We asked former Philadelphia Eagle walk-on Vince Papale.

A Chat With Tim Conway

Media Discernment, Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

From roles on McHale’s Navy and The Carol Burnett Show to his role with the Parents Television Council, this funnyman has plenty of opinions about TV.

ClearPlay Cleans Up Hollywood

Modern Technology, Conversations

Meet Bill Aho, whose multifaceted content-filtering system is giving parents more control than ever over movie content … and giving the film industry fits.

Confessions of a Big-Screen Bully

Conversations, Youth Trends & Issues

Best known as Back to the Future bad guy Biff Tannen, actor Tom Wilson talks about being bullied himself as a teen, and how those experiences prepared him for the years to come.

Confessions of a School Shooter

Conversations, Media Discernment, Youth Trends & Issues

On Nov. 15, 1995, a Tennesse high schooler opened fire on his teachers and classmates. We talk with Jamie Rouse about media choices that fueled his rage that fateful day.

Connected, Yet Alone

Conversations, Youth Trends & Issues, Modern Technology

Author and youth expert Andy Braner explains why Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are doing more to isolate our kids than create real community.

A Consultation with Dr. Ben Carson

Conversations, Youth Trends & Issues, Media Discernment

Convinced your child has ADD? Not so fast. A respected neurosurgeon discusses the impact of TV and video games on the minds and attention spans of young children.

A Conversation With Brent Bozell

Media Discernment, Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

The founder of the Parents Television Council talks about a la carte cable, TV’s evolution in the Internet age, and how families can hold the industry accountable.

A Conversation with Jim Daly


We talk with Focus on the Family president Jim Daly about modern media and ministry, including ways entertainment has impacted his own young family.

A Conversation With Kirk Franklin


The gospel superstar talked with us about his art, his desire to be a witness in the music industry, and his friendship with controversial R&B superstar R. Kelly.

A Conversation with Lee Strobel


A leading Christian apologist talks about the "militant atheism" infecting our culture, how entertainment is fueling skepticism, and what parents can do about it.

A Conversation with Rob Reiner


The award-winning director of Flipped and The Princess Bride talks about his movies, his famous father, and why he wanted to change his name as a child.

A Conversation with Steve Allen


Prior to his passing in 2000, we spoke with this respected TV pioneer about the moral decline of the medium he loved and helped shape during a kinder, gentler era.

Don’t Take the Fun Out of Youth Ministry

Conversations, Youth Trends & Issues

As a teenager, Jaci Velasquez was among the hottest young voices in Christian music. She also had a strong sense of what youth leaders must do to reach her peers.

Fairest of Them All


On the 75th anniversary of Disney¹s animated masterpiece, the young star of Mirror Mirror reflects on beauty, fairy tales and what makes her Snow White unique.

Family Worship? Sweet!

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

Through his live Taste Worship events, Christian singer and songwriter Peder Eide is changing the way families connect with God … and each other.

From Fantastic to Amazing


We talk with actor Ioan Gruffudd about his teen years, the power of cinema and his heroic roles in The Fantastic Four and the William Wilberforce biopic Amazing Grace.

From Korn to Christ


Former Korn guitarist Brian Welch talked with us about his dark, destructive past, his encounter with God, and the little girl who may have saved his life.

Getting Real with Marilyn Manson


Hear what happened when an outspoken Christian encountered the shock-rocker responsible for the CDs Smells Like Children and Antichrist Superstar … and his fans.

God of the Fairy Tale

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

Author Jim Ware examines the power of myths, revealing spiritual truths hidden within classic fairy tales that point back to the true story of the Gospel.

Going Green


The world's most famous frog pulled up a lily pad for a candid conversation about his distinguished career, Miss Piggy, and his family-friendly image.

Hooked: The Addictive Power of Video Games

Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations, Modern Technology

Are video games pushing your child's buttons? Authors Kurt and Olivia Bruner explain how their son fell prey to electronic games designed to become an obsession.

Inside the "Dear Slim" Saga

Conversations, Media Discernment

Don't tell KJ-52 that he sounds like Eminem. He knows. But what used to be a sore subject has enhanced the Christian rapper's ability to reach fans with a positive alternative.

Into the Fray with Group 1 Crew


With the help of funky beats, urban rhythms and the love of Christ, Manuel Reyes and Blanca Callahan are leaving their mark on a sometimes controversial subculture.

It's Not "Just" Entertainment

Media Discernment, Conversations

Since 1990, Focus on the Family's Plugged In team has helped millions of families choose media wisely. Senior Editor Bob Smithouser explains why.

John Lee Hancock Scores Again

Conversations, Media Discernment

Want to film a heartwarming sports biopic? Call the writer/director who talked with us about his hits The Rookie and The Blind Side, which managed to impress audiences and critics.

Krystal Meyers: Rebel With a Cause


We talk with the Christian singer about her bold lyrics and angsty pop-rock style, as well as how parents and teens can improve communication.

Life Lessons From Middle-earth

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

We asked the Lord of the Rings cast, "While working on these films, did you learn a life lesson that would be valuable for teenagers today?" Here's what they said...

Lights, Camera, Faith in Action!

Media Discernment, Conversations

Meet filmmaker Alex Kendrick (Fireproof, Facing the Giants), the Georgia media minister who, along with his brother Stephen, is following God’s call to make movies that matter.

Like Father, Like Son

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary, Media Discernment, Youth Trends & Issues

We sit down with apologetics experts Josh and Sean McDowell to discuss parenting, the power of media and a particular movie that changed their relationship.

Mandy Moore's Role to Remember

Conversations, Media Discernment, Youth Trends & Issues

Fresh off her hit A Walk to Remember, the pop singer/actress talks about her virginal character and a song on her self-titled album that sends a very different message.

Meet Stephen Baldwin: Teen Evangelist


Prior to launching a career in reality TV, the youngest Baldwin brother talked with us about his faith, family and the culture’s impact on teens.

Mulan Reflections


Fifteen years after his directorial debut, Disney animator Tony Bancroft shares his love for a Chinese princess, and how his faith shaped her story.

Our Favorite Christmas Albums

Counsel & Commentary, Conversations

With so many seasonal CDs vying for our attention—and new ones flooding the market every year—which holiday discs do Plugged In's editors never get tired of?

Passion for Purity


We talk with Christian singer, author and actress Rebecca St. James about her commitment to sexual purity, and how she's helping young people follow her example.

Rookie of the Year


Sandra Bullock won the Oscar, but she's not the biggest star in The Blind Side. At 6'10", 360 pounds, that distinction goes to young Quinton Aaron, who talked with us about his breakout role.

The Roots of Addiction

Youth Trends & Issues, Conversations

As a rebellious teenager, Christian recording artist Bruce Carroll let drugs get the better of him. That is until he discovered his true identity in Jesus Christ.

Roses Among Thorns

Media Discernment, Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

Mom and former record executive Darlene Brock talks about the media, challenges facing girls today, and what it means to raise daughters with grit and grace.

Stallone’s Shot at Redemption

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary

As Rocky and Rambo, screen actor Sylvester Stallone adrenalized the 1980s. Here, he alludes to his religious faith while describing his cinematic comeback, Rocky Balboa.

A Talk to Remember


Whether adapting Nicholas Sparks novels or bringing Ramona and Beezus to life, Hollywood producer Denise DiNovi is at her best when courting families.

Talking TV with Bernie Kopell


The co-star of classic shows such as Get Smart and The Love Boat recalls his favorite roles on the small screen, and how television itself has changed over the years.

That Stuff Before the Movie


Ads. Previews. Behind-the-scenes featurettes. An executive with one theater chain talks about the decisions that determine what you see while you¹re waiting for your movie to start.

Thrilled to Death

Conversations, Media Discernment, Youth Trends & Issues, Modern Technology

An army killologist explains how America's lust for violent entertainment is destroying our culture … and our kids. What can we do to keep our children from being desensitized?

The Time of My Life


Have you ever seen life turn on a dime? Regie Hamm has. Learn how God’s grace, a special-needs orphan and American Idol changed the world of a would-be pop star.

Who Does Your Teen Wannabe?

Conversations, Counsel & Commentary, Media Discernment, Youth Trends & Issues

This generation faces an identity crisis. Discover how Royal Tailor's music—and lead singer—square off against a culture that wants our kids to settle for less than God's best.