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#220 Duck Dynasty + Jodi Benson

Disney's Little Mermaid discusses her role in the studio's animation renaissance ... and a mom's view of its shapely heroines. Plus, our take on TV's hottest half-hour.

Last Week

#219 Instructions Not Included + Macklemore

An indie dramedy about a playboy-turned-devoted dad takes Hollywood by storm. Then it's the music of Macklemore, a Disney video game and a pop quiz gaffe!

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Plugged In Podcast (Archive)


Notice: Production of the Plugged In Podcast has been suspended. 

We will continue to maintain this page for your convenience, so that you can listen to any of our previous episodes. Thank you to all of our loyal fans through our 220-episode run!

BONUS VIDEO #115 On the Set With Kevin Sorbo


#208 World War Z + Monsters University

Pixar pals Mike and Sully meet at college in a prequel to Monsters Inc. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt battles swarms of zombies, and U2's Bono shares his vulnerable side.

#203 Star Trek Into Darkness + Demi

Before exploring new worlds, the Enterprise crew must overcome enemies from within. Plus, how is Disney alum Demi Lovato changing her tune when it comes to love?

#201 Iron Man 3 + DC Hero Dilemmas

Expect fallout when Tony Stark suits up to battle a terrorist. In another dimension, the DC superheroes star in the topsy-turvy fighting game Injustice: Gods Among Us.

#195 The Croods + Justin Timberlake

What does a film about a prehistoric family say about our families? Then, see how marriage has shaped JT's The 20/20 Experience, and take our new Pop Culture Pop Quiz.